Gurdwara History

History of Guru Nanak Sat Sang Sabha Maidenhead and why the Gurdwara is important to Sikhs.

When Sikhs gather together for worship, they usually do so in a special building known as Gurdwara, which means ‘Door of Guru’ or ‘God’s house’. Services can be held anywhere as long as Guru Granth Sahib is present, but most takes place in the Gurdwara. All Gurdwaras, however, have certain features in common.

Gurwara Prayer Room

Non one is allowed to bring tobacco, alcohol or any other intoxicating drug into the Gurdwara. They also have a special room where services are held, another where Guru Granth Sahib is kept when not in the worship room.

Gurwara Langar Hall

A Langar Hall (Community Kitchen) where a pure vegetarian food is prepared cooked and served to all without any favour or distinction. Seva (Service) is one of the pillars of the Sikh Faith. Members of the congregation help in the cleaning, washing and up keeping of the Gurdwara.

Gurwara Seva

Devotees bring in rations and provisions and place them in front of the Granth Sahib and put their money into the Golak (Donation Box). Parshad (Sweet pudding is prepared by the Granthi and given to every visitor symbolising equality. Kiratn (Hymn Singing) by musicians playing Tabla and Harmonium is part of the service. They all perform it by sitting next to the installed Guru Granth Sahib in the payer hall. The Temple also caters for civil marriage as the license for administering it was granted in 1993. Religious marriage is also solemnised here. Harbans Singh Bhogal is the Registrar of Marriages.