COVID-19 Key Messages from RBWM

Key message 1
Covid-19 cases within our Royal Borough has dramatically increase over the last week, we must pull together to stop the spread of the virus and protect our community. We want to avoid being moved into the government’s high-risk category. If we move into the high-risk category, we won’t be allowed to socialise with anyone outside of our own household or support bubble. This applies to meeting friends or family in our own homes and other indoor and outdoor setting. Please act now ‘Remember hands, face, space and the rule of 6’.  Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use hand sanitiser, regularly throughout the day. 

Wear aface covering to reduce the chances of spreading the virus. 

Make space by keeping two metres apart where possible. 

Rule of 6 which means nosocial gatheringswithinindoor and outdoor settings.

If you show symptoms of Covid-19, stay at home and get a test. Further information can be found online: